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Irene Tedd = Severine Lagace

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Who is Irene Tedd and how is she related? Irene Tedd (Severine Lagace) was well known in Old Town Maine during the time periods of 1893 thru the 1950’s. Irene was born in Van Buren Maine in the mid 1800’s, she was the daughter of Joseph Lagace and Hermine Lajoie, she was also the sister of my great grandmother Arthemise Lagace. Irene resided on French Island part of Old Town Maine.

I have discovered the above photograph of Irene from a website and book about French Island authored by Harold Lacadie & several others. I have found Irene to be involved and present in at least two events of my great grandmothers life, these are of course proven by the documentation. It is quite true Irene Tedd being the sister of my great grandmother, it is probably a fact Irene was present at countless events thru out my great grandmother’s life. Irene also has grandchildren that carried the surname Treadwell, it seems that Treadwells are also mentioned in a few family documents as well. Irene like the rest of us in the family are Descendants of Andre Mignier dit Lagace. For information about our Ancestor Andre Mignier refer to our websites. The purpose of this mini biography is to hopefully lead to someone reading it that knows our family or is related to us lead to obtain other family information, photos and reunions. There is also a second and also very important reason, that is, preserving my family history for other generations of my family to enjoy and hopefully contribute further to the family research efforts. I am very thank full to Harold Lacadie and his team for in part making this biography possible, without his book and website, I would not have the priceless photo of Aunt Irene.



In 1882 my great gandparents were married, below is my transcription from the original church document. I have included this just for identity purposes only.


April 23, 1882

Francois Xavier Turcotte son of Francois Turcotte &

Marguerite Robitaille married Arthemise Lagace, the daughter of Joseph Lagace & Hermine Lajoie. Witnesses are Treffle Lebel & Marie Rouleau, C.V. Perrin was the priest, the church was Saint Josephs Church at Old Town Maine, the church is now known as Holy Family.




In 1893, Irene Tedd (Severine Lagace) is duly noted as a godparent of Edward Turcotte, my grandfathers brother.


March 29, 1893

Edward was born in old Town Maine


April 3, 1893

Edward was baptized by priest Francois Xavier Trudel at Saint Joseph’s Church, Old Town Maine. The Godparents are George Tait & Severine Lagace (Irene Tedd)



August 12, 1893

Edward passed away at the age of 4 months was buried in the presence of Israel Nadeau & Joseph Bosse Francois Xavier Trudel was the Priest.



March 12, 1943

Arthemise My Great Grandmother passes on, her sister Irene Tedd (Severine Lagace) is duly noted on the obit document along with other brothers & sisters. We also see present Fred Treadwell as one of the bearers. One fine note that I will mention is Harold Lacadie, the co-author of the book about French Island mentions, he remembers Fred Treadwell taking him Ice fishing.







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